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Your Chiropractor Is A PulStar Doctor

The PulStar’s multiple impulse technology is a gentle solution that relieves the pain of musculoskeletal conditions without the popping and cracking of traditional chiropractic methods. Your chiropractor’s choice to invest in the PulStar shows that they believe in the importance of offering the newest, state-of-the-art chiropractic technologies for patients like you to enjoy.

In keeping up with the latest in scientific technology to best serve our patients, we now ofer and utilize the PulStar in our practice.

By combining traditional chiropractic with the latest, most advanced, precise and patientfriendly technology of PulStar, we ofer the “Best of Both Worlds.”

Our services include:

  • PulStar
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition
Chiropractic Monument CO PulStar

Chiropractic patients already know that chiropractic care can improve their lives and their health, but with the PulStar® it’s even more gentle, easier and faster than ever before. PulStar computerized multiple impulse therapy involves analysis and adjustment, giving the chiropractor a scientific way to determine problem areas and track improvements.

If back and neck pain are preventing you from enjoying your normal activities, chances are that we can help you recover your normal lifestyle.

Don’t just suffer through your pain. Let us use our state-of-the-art facilities to improve your quality of life today.

The computer analyzes your spine and identifies tight areas that need treatment, then helps the doctor apply precise pressure in precise areas.

  1. The chiropractor uses the PulStar to direct a gentle impulse to the patient’s spine. It records the resistance given back to that force, then displays a graphic representation on the computer screen.
  2. Red and yellow indicate problem areas.
  3. Using impulse therapy, the doctor applies precise pressure in precise areas – no cracking and popping.
  4. Patients often feel greatly reduced pain in three or four visits.

Feel The Difference

  • Painless, gentle analysis and treatment
  • Gentle Low Force Impulses replace the need for traditional heavier force manual adjustments
  • No Twisting, Turning, “Cracking” or “Popping”

Many PulStar chiropractors are recommending between-visit use of new Essential Elements Lotion because it was designed to support multiple impulse therapy with muscle relaxation at the neurochemical level. This groundbreaking product has been clinically tested and dermatologically approved, but it’s so new that distribution is limited to only PulStar doctors at this time. If you believe Essential Elements could help you. ask your chiropractor for a sample.

See us for treatment of chronic pain and more. The PulStar is safe and effective for all ages, from young to seniors, because it uses precise computer controlled gentle impulses. No strong or heavy forces or twisting is required to produce the desired results of treatment.

The PulStar is safe and effective for all ages from young to seniors because it
uses precise computer controlled gentle impulses. No strong or heavy forces or twisting is required to produce the desired results of treatment.


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